3 features of hexagonal arrow punching

(1) Low cost and large volume!

Hexagonal arrow punching is a technology for punching hex sockets with a press machine; the simplicity of the process helps reduce costs compared to lathe working.

It is also suited to mass production for the same reason.

In addition to punching hex sockets, we also punch Torx sockets and cross-recessed heads.


(2) A wide range of shapes in any material!

A considerable range of shapes can be manufactured due to post-processing.

The across-flats distance of the socket can be from 1.0 mm up to 17 mm.

Furthermore, arrow punching can be applied to difficult-to-work materials (difficult-to-cut materials)  without being affected by the material.

Arrow punching can be applied to longer-than-usual products.

* We have experience of punching Torx sockets of size T60 in a product 220 mm long.


Punches for hex sockets
Punches for hex sockets
Punches for Torx sockets
Punches for Torx sockets

Also sells punch and die of Made in Japan

(3) High precision!

Products are of high-precision because coaxiality of the product axis and the hex socket is easily attained, and the hexagonal effective surface (processed sides) is finely finished (good surface roughness).

An across-flats distance to a precision of 0.01 mm can be managed.


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