3 reasons to choose Maekawaseisakujo Co., Ltd.

(1) Press working professionals with 60 years in the business

Since 1955, when Maekawaseisakujo Co., Ltd. was founded by our first president, Masatoshi Maekawa, our company has produced various fasteners and functional components to meet our customers’ requests. We particularly excel at secondary processing of headed products (such as bolts and pins) and we take pride in improving the productivity of many companies, including those in the automobile industry, that have played a central role in Japanese manufacturing, and in our contributions to enriching people’s lives from the sidelines.

With a history of 60 years in the business, Maekawaseisakujo Co., Ltd. continues its tireless challenge toward technical development and quality improvement in order to remain a leading company that exerts traction as a press working professional in the manufacturing industry in the 21st century.

(2) We can accomplish the near-impossible with our horizontal connections

Forging connections with and tapping the brains of our fellow press workers is an important property we have cultivated over our 60-year history. Through these connections and through trial and error, we have had great results in achieving product processing techniques that we could never have developed on our own. We are sure that our customers are happy with it.

Punches for hex sockets
Punches for Torx sockets
Punches for Torx sockets

We manage the whole manufacturing process, and can deal with any request. We not only offer partial processing but can also support the entire process from procurement of materials through to completion.

(3) Quick delivery by thorough management and flexible response

We create and manage the data for each product and can respond quickly to repeat orders.

We spare no pains in offering a flexible and speedy response, whether you are within Japan or overseas.

We send goods by courier to our remote customers, and endeavor to meet the demands from our customers throughout Japan and overseas.

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